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Many think Google is making the human race . It’s believed that we are getting lazier. I believe it’s not that Google is making us stupid, it’s the time we spend on Google and what we use Google for is what makes us lazy. The fact that research used to be done by going to the library finding and skimming through books on what you’re researching. From my perspective that could be very boring. I think my view on Google is very good, I believe the Google search engine is a very useful database. Google was designed to make the everyday living easier. I mean who wouldn’t want to take the easier way out of doing things. I think Google is a very good way to study, do homework, or use for any other work purposes. It’s easier to use and it’s not as boring as looking through books. The reason I don’t like researching through books is because when dealing with books the first thing you see is pages and pages of words, most likely they’re in black and white as well as the pictures. I think research should be a fun experience, and should make you want to learn. With Google you can get this fun learning experience , because Google is a search engine that makes learning history fun. Google makes researching interesting because unlike text books, you can change or zoom in on the font your reading. Also, when using a text book you may see pictures but the pictures in the book may look old. When looking at pictures on Google they may have found and image in color, which makes researching online way better that text books. Researching with books can be very time consuming. It takes time because if the book you got doesn’t have the right information you need then you’ll have to take another trip back to the library. When you get to the library you have to look for the book. Once you’ve found the book you have to look through the book and find what you’re looking for. Another down

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