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Google’s Strategy in 2010 Knowing a company’s history can help one determine what kind of company they are dealing with; so let’s start there. Google’s search technology began in January 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were graduates of Stanford University as computer science majors who decided to collaborate to develop a new search engine, naming BackRub. It was the accuracy of their new search engine that lead to a loyal following of users in 1997. In 1998 a Yahoo cofounder convinced Brin and Page to direct their energy toward a new back bone of the internet. By the end of 1998 PC magazine had named the company that was now called Google on a list of top 100 web sites and search engines. And the growth of Google only grew from there (Pg. C- 175). The whole idea behind a search engine like Google is to provide a quick and easy way for users to find exactly what they were looking for. And Google gets a lot of its money from advertisings that they allow on their engine. Currently some of the biggest competitors for Google are Yahoo, Microsoft,, and AOL. In May 2010 63.7 percent of all searches went through Google. Trailing quite a ways behind them is Yahoo at 18.3 percent, Microsoft at 12.1 percent, at 3.6 percent, and AOL at 2.3 percent (Pg. C-189). When evaluating competitive forces for Google like the threat of substitute products it can be said to be virtually irrelevant. Google is a search engine that is used by the majority of the population and that number just keeps growing. Based on the information is seems there will never be a better substitute for a search engine in the near future. The threats for new entrants are very low because the current barrier costs are enormous. Only the richest companies that have better technologies with a faster and more accurate search engine will possibly have a chance. But even then because Google

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