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11/23/2010 1st Block Accelerated Math I Roger Penrose The famous mathematician Roger Penrose was born on August 8th, 1931 in Colchester, England. He still lives today, at the age of 79. When he was young, his family moved to London, Ontario, Canada fearing the outbreak of a war in England. While there, Roger attended a high school and his father was Director of Psychiatric Research at the hospital. As well as his mother, Roger was interested in geometry from a young age. Margaret would help Roger study his math, and make sure he understood concepts. Besides his mother guiding him through geometry, his older brother, Oliver, influenced Roger to go to Cambridge and get his PhD. Roger was unsure about it and thought of just going to be a professor, like his father. Oliver convinced him to get the PhD, which would make him more successful. World War II had ended, and the Penrose family moved back to England. Roger attended University College London. His parents didn’t pay tuition because his father, Lionel, was a professor at the school. Roger had a desire for Biology and Math. Unfortunately, those two subjects were only alternatives at his school. He was forced to choose one of them, which was Math. Roger’s classes were Math, Physics, and Chemistry at University College. After graduating and earning a B.Sc. degree at University College, he decided he wanted to continue to pursue Mathematics and attended Cambridge University. After a few years, Penrose received his PhD in geometry. His years of studying shapes and their patterns led him to be a famous math physicist at many colleges in England, and a few in the United States (Syracuse and Princeton). Roger has won numerous awards throughout his lifetime for his amazing intelligence. He was elected to the Royal Society of London in 1972, and received the Eddington Medal of the

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