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Goodwill Industries, Inc. The three types of customers shopping at Goodwill currently are the early adopter, late adopter and critical mass. Typically, the early adopter will be a customer who, represents true opinion leaders who set examples by their decisions. They are respected customers and are willing to try a new product if it will significantly improve their lifestyle. They need to understand the benefits and will seek out references from other satisfied users before making a purchase (Clark, 2003). The vendor, on the other hand, benefits from receiving early revenues. The real-world focus that this type of relationship can bring to a vendor can be extremely valuable (Clark, 2003). Next, enter the late adopter. This group makes its purchases late in the cycle, typically after the early adapters have moved on to new products. They wait until prices fall and the product has become the universally accepted solution. They are most concerned with low cost and customer support, and they rely on the mass media for purchasing information (Clark, 2003). Finally come the very late critical mass. These customers wait until the price has bottomed out, competition is intense, and the product has become an absolute need. They tend to purchase products the other groups would consider obsolete (Clark, 2003). Goodwill’s value proposition for all its customer groups is, “used merchandise at deeply discounted prices” (Pearson, 2013). The clothing and household goods donated to Goodwill are sold in more than 2,700 Goodwill retail stores (Goodwill, 2012), on its Internet auction site, as well on eBay by a number of its regional retail stores (Gladstone, 2003). Most of the items on are items that are considered most valuable. The revenues fund job training and other services to prepare people for job success. Goodwill locations that

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