Goodness In Lord Of The Flies

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Perla Villarreal English 2/BAC January 8, 2013 LOTF ESSAY The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Henry David Thoreau once said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails”. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding tests this theory. When a group of British boys crash into an island and are left alone without any supervision, they are forced to change to a cruel lifestyle that changes Simon’s and Piggy’s innocence. Golding illustrates Piggy’s and Simon’s goodness to show that when people respect and help others it makes a stable society. To begin Simon helps the Liluns pick fruit because they cannot reach it. This shows that helping others can make a stable society. When Simon leaves the beach to go to his safe “spot” because…show more content…
When the tribe crashed and Ralph found Piggy, they knew that there were other people involved in the crash that they needed to unite. Piggy thought of the idea of using the conch as a signal to others to unite and help them. This is shown when Piggy says, “We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting” (Golding 16). Despite the lack of communication with the tribe, Piggy still tries to help them. For Piggy it takes a lot of time to put a stop to the bullying, but even when they tease him he stills shows respect towards them. Piggy never stops helping and respecting them because he knows that everyone needs each other in society. Another example of piggy showing goodness in society is when he thinks of the fire near the pool. When Jack leaves the tribe and takes most of the kids, Ralph knows that they need to make a fire somewhere else but on the mountain. When Piggy comes up with the great idea of making the fire near the pool everyone for the first notices the intelligence of Piggy. This is shown when Piggy comes up with a wonderful idea, “Only Piggy could have the intellectual daring to suggest the fire…” (Golding 129). Even though Ralph has not really valued Piggy’s thoughts in the past, but now Ralph finally notices Piggy’s intelligence. Bringing the fire near the pool is very helpful because now they will not have to go to the mountain. Another thing is that having the fire near the pool will avoid the forest from burning. Piggy demonstrates that even though they don’t like him he is still willing to help. Golding demonstrates Piggy’s intelligence is very helpful to the tribe because without him they would not have thought about the things that he thinks
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