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It’s when you get board or agitated that God is calling you to intimacy with Him, David should have been leading his men in battle but he stayed home. See sometimes God will close a door that was open to you because he wants to spend time with you and it in this time that God wants to be intimate with you, but instead of David waiting on God he goes up to the roof top and he see Bath-Sheba and instead if seeking intimacy with God he chooses a lesser substitute, because intimacy with God takes awhile but to get with Bath-Sheba all he had to do was call her up. But the problem with that was that Bath-Sheba got pregnant and David got exposed, but if David had waited on God then David would have got pregnant and God would have got exposed. I sometimes find myself asking this question is it ever going to change how long is it going to be night in my life, but I stop by this morning to let you know that your situation is about to change and that God is about to shift you from night to morning. This is a Psalm of Dedication of the Temple and we know that David could not build the Temple because he had blood on his hands, But David was able to purchase the floor from Araunah but David said how can I give to God something that cost me nothing. See you need to be concerned about yourself if your relationship with God hasn’t cost you anything. See when you’re truly walking with God it should cost you something Jesus said if any man would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. So God chastise David but he dose not destroy him you ought to thank God every time he chastise you for He chasten whom he love. See your problem is your not as good of a sinner as you use to be, you use to could talk about people, lie on people and hurt people and it did not bother you, but since you got save you have to deal with this thing called conviction and

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