Goodfellas Essay

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Goodfellas Think of an epic film. What comes to mind? I think of a movie that contains battles that take place just outside the sprawling metropolis of ancient Rome filled with Roman soldiers adorned in shiny armour with luxurious red trimmings that have the courage of lions as they charge into battle, more violence, blood and gore then you can bear to watch, grand costumes that are authentic to the time period of the story and extravagant settings, powerful music is also a key component as well as a hero to accompany the story. All of these films are commonly produced on a large scale where a big budget is evident. None of these things save the authentic costumes come to my mind when I think of the movie Goodfellas. I personally would not deem it to be an epic movie at all, because although it contains blood and violence and a masterpiece in its own right it doesn’t fit in among the other great epics, for example I can’t even begin to compare this movie with greats such as Gladiator and Braveheart. These brilliant films are full of action and magnificently produced unlike Goodfellas which isn’t one of the most exciting movies despite the casual F bomb dropped every second word. The subjects of epics usually have something to do with royalty, great military leaders or famous people from various periods in history, which is not the case in Goodfellas. Although the whole film revolves around Henry (in reality Scorsese) and his life story, he isn’t a prominent figure in history or even a hero in the story. In fact I go so far to say that he’s a coward because although throughout the film he seems to be a tough guy who won’t open his mouth to the feds because he’s a “wise guy” he eventually cracks at the end of the film, where in fear for his family’s and his own life rats out his entire mafia family to the feds in order to go into the safety of witness protection.
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