Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting: How do you like them apples? “Good Will Hunting” is a film about a young man from Boston that serves as a janitor at MIT. Although he seems like just another punk from South Boston, he has unbelievable knowledge and a photographic memory. Will is discovered by a brilliant math teacher and tries to convince Will to fulfill his potential. Will can’t imagine leaving his roots and his slacker friends behind, but he agrees to see a therapist to help him realize his troubles. He also meets a beautiful girl that is a pre-med student at MIT that helps influence him to go on and leave his past behind. In the end, the person that sways his opinion is his best friend Chuckie who tells him to get out of town and become something great. It’s a great movie and won 2 academy awards, I would recommend that everyone should see it. The character that I am diagnosing is the main character, Will Hunting. Will Hunting is a 20-year old janitor from South Boston. He had a rough childhood because of his abusive parents. He finds solitude by hanging out with his friends and drinking after his unfulfilling job is over for the day. Despite Will’s demeanor, he has an unbelievable intellect that allows him to skate by most of the time. One night he went out drinking with his friends and got into a fight with a police officer. To avoid jail time, he is forced to attend mandatory therapy sessions by a math professor at MIT who is trying to convince Will to shape-up. Will eventually connects with his therapist who grew up in the same neighborhood as him and his friends. He meets a girl that he eventually falls in love with. By the end of the film Will decides to use his intelligence to the best of his potential and become something better than what he would’ve become. After evaluating Will Hunting’s character, it seems that he suffers from Attachment disorder.

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