Good Vs Evil

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The world has become full of implications that are major issues. Due to human nature, people tend to care more for themselves than others, even though they are aware of major world issues that effect everyone else. Like Albert Einstein once said, “the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Many people have sympathy for the needy, but do not contribute to the prevention of poverty. Also, in today’s society stereotyping has become dormant throughout the years, although there is minimal action taken to make it disappear. As well, violence is a serious issue, but when a violent act is committed nobody wants to get involved. The world is a threatening place to live in. Not because of a person’s evil doings, but because of those who turn a blind eye to these issues due to poor judgment. Most people have compassion for the needy; however there is not much being done by them to prevent the problem. Poverty is a major issue that many people ignore. I have also ignored this issue by turning away from the homeless, when I have witnessed someone begging for money. I have contributed to the problem by ignoring the homeless. Although this is an act of selfishness, it is also evil because I could have easily given my spare change. Except my poor judgment was not to give the homeless change because I was either scared or thought the money would not be put into good use. People are also aware of starvation being an issue in several different countries. However, they are more concerned about purchasing the latest brand names of clothing. On television there are many infomercials about poverty in different countries and kids who are malnourished. The organizations that post the commercials, ask that we donate a dollar a day so that a young boy or girl can have proper meals and a shelter over their head, but we
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