Good Villians Bad Villians Essay

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Jamiel Pittman Professor Williams English 111 FE 30 October 2013 In this paper I will draw the parallels of good villains and bad villains. Often we characterize the “bad guys” as characters whom are not liked and not appreciated. However they are more likely to be more interesting than the heroes or “good guys”. I believe “bad guys” make stories more intriguing for a bunch of reasons. The idea of incorporating a fictitious character in a story that goes to great lengths to be “destructive” is always suspenseful. Although not all stories are fictitious, those stories give the readers some sort of gratitude for a “bad guy”. In stories are realistic or factual, the reader’s become more sympathetic and want nothing to do with a villain or a bad person. In order to maximize the thrill in specific stories, the climax of a “bad guy” increases as the story progresses. Good guys attribute to the final outcome and usually are the heroes/heroines. Although many writers have been elaborate in shaping characters personalities, they often leave a glimmer of compassion for the wrong doers even if they committed various heinous acts. In my opinion, stories that have the “good guys” succeeding in the end are starting to get predictable. Seeing the villains change throughout the story gives the reader a chance to reason and plead for the author to alter the outcome or situation. There have been plenty of times I was watching a movie derived from a book, and upon doing so I noticed my feel for certain characters changed. Actually seeing a person’s expression or actions can lead to a different like/dislike for them that you can’t always get in a book. For a strange reason I thought the book “A Time to Kill” was more in depth than the movie, but I also found that the movie was more intense and heart throbbing. Of the several short stories we have read this semester a few

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