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Good Times Essay

  • Submitted by: Christinao21
  • on July 1, 2011
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Good Times

I’m sure we’ve all been through The Crush. The most universally recognized scenario is that I like him, but he doesn’t like me, he likes someone else, but they don’t like him, etc.   Isn’t this how it always goes? It starts off from such a young age. Kids develop Adolescent Egocentrism at a young age, where they believe everything is about them.
When I think back to my first crush, I have good and bad memories. One of the good memories was of a boy named William. He was the new kid at our school. He came from a different country. He spoke with a little accent, which most of the boys made fun of.   The girls in the class thought it was cool that he was from someplace else. It made him more interesting and unique, it gave him an identity no other boy had! We would tell William, “don’t listen to them boys, they’re dumb” and that seemed to make him feel better.
My best friend at the time was Gloria. She was considered a peer selection based on the fact that we had similar interest and values. Gloria and I did everything together.   We’d always share all of our secrets and school crushes with each other. There was nothing we didn’t share with each other. She was just like a sister to me. One day when we were walking to school, I told Gloria how I really liked William and thought he was sweet.   She said, I should write him an anonymous note, which we did. As I reached puberty, Gloria and I expanded our group of friends to include several other girls within our school. When we would all get together, it was always at my house. We’d plan sleepovers and talk about all the crushes we had on different boys. We would use peer facilitation when playing truth or dare, some of our friends were shy and timid and would not otherwise participate in these types of group activities. Annette was one of the shyest girls in our group. She was always embarrassed when we would talk about boys. We knew she liked one of the boys at our school, but she would never admit to...

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