Good Things To Get Rid Of In The 21st Century Essay

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What I’d like to get rid of in the 21st Century- Abolition Of the Death Penalty UK * Some sentences for serious crimes are too lenient and are not always served for the full duration and in my opinion are treated too well. In fact some live better in prison than outside, examples TV, Heating, good quality food and the list goes on and all paid for by the British tax payer. * What these people have done is disgusting and inhumane and in my opinion no longer deserve to exist but definitely not at the taxpayers’ expense. The only reason I can think to keep a convicted killer, paedophile or mass murderer is to use them for medical science to stop the pain and suffering of animals. As I class anyone who is capable of these crimes is…show more content…
* The atrocities committed by these misguided extremists who hide behind their religion etc to justify acts of terror. Groups such as the IRA and Al-Qaeda have committed the most devastating crimes against humanity and if we want to meet them at their level “Eye for an Eye” is in our bible. This is my personal opinion but maybe I am not deserved an opinion on this as I have lost nobody to a crime but the victim’s family should have the right to decide if these people live or die. This may improve their lives and may help to find them closure. The death penalty should only be acted upon if there is absolutely no doubt that the guilty has committed the crime. This would rid us of these horrible people permanently. Who no longer have any purpose or contribution to society. Of course miscarriage of justices have happened in the past but I believe due to advances in forensic policing (D.N.A.) and CCTV etc. I believe Mistakes are much less likely and the deterrent of the death penalty however harsh it may sounds out ways the risk of a miscarriage of

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