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Good Studying Habits Essay

  • Submitted by: joe6830
  • on April 22, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Good Studying Habits" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is great to have good reading habits because it can helped you remember important facts, time events, and facts to help you on a test, state test or a work assignment. If you study and study and you have a pop quiz you could be prepared. Also if you take the time to read your studying notes and going along with the lessons you’ll be prepared. Many people have many ways of studying like for example: people study by hearing music, eating, laying on the floor bed (anywhere). We all have different ways of studying . The more you study and the harder you work your brain will improve. Well that’s what people say.

Almost every one has studied some times for tests. To have a career you want you have to take test and that involves studying. Well what happens when you don’t study for a test? Well you absolutely don’t know all the answer you might know some but not enough amount of answers of answers to pass. You may copy and pass but you won’t be able to copy all your life. You can never cheat your way to life. In life when you want something you got to earn it that’s what my mother always tells me. So if you want make money you got to work and to get money but that’s if you have a regular job. But let’s say I want to be a lawyer and they hire me to a case. To win this case I got to succeed on winning the case by defending my client and to do this I have to study the case the time who, what, where, when, why. And if I succeed this I get money but I have to provide hard solid evidence. To do that I have to study every one and what every one say.

While you reading the passage of the exam you must have a highlight but before that you read the directions after that read the questions of the passage so can answer the questions better. Now that you finished reading the questions read the passage carefully and find the 5 W’s which are indeed Who ,what ,where , when, and why. When you find that take notes or just highlight it that’s what I recommend to have more time....

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