Good Strategy, Bad Strategy Essay

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Allison Longsworth Bus 109, Sec 24 Peter Chung November 14, 2014 Book Review #2: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy Rumelt, Richard P. Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters. New York: Crown Business, 2011. Print. Richard P. Rumelt’s goal in writing Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters, was to pick apart the large differences amongst the two in order to help a company or individual design and construct good strategies. He stresses the importance of having a good strategy by asserting that it is the way to achieve forward movement. As mentioned in lecture, strategy is the means in which to achieve an end, it is the simple, clear and concise method for winning. It sets companies apart from each other because not many have good strategies. Three central pillars discussed in his book are the discussion of good strategies and why it is important to use a company’s competitive advantage as leverage which allows it to maintain focus, the idea of bad strategy and why it is so easily achieved, and last but not least, his prescription for creating a good strategy. Throughout this guide into every company’s either success or downfall, one thesis remains evident, it is crucial that ideas are coordinated, focus is achieved, advantages properly utilized, and challenges declared in order for a company to uphold a good strategy. The lack of these components will ultimately lead to a downfall and leave a company’s future to chance where growth is almost stagnant and the company is at risk of not producing value. Good Strategy Thus far in class we have discussed several definitions of the word strategy. However, Rumelt’s approach to the subject is one that has not been touched on. When reading the book I found that he took more of an aggressive approach to the idea of strategy and he does so from the very first chapter in
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