Good Standart Of Living Essay

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I lived in a hill district in Miraflores, in Viña del Mar, Chile. Viña del Mar is one of the largest cities in Chile and is also the tourist capital of Chile. The city is made up of hills, a long Pacific Ocean coastline and the city center. There are beautiful beaches, forests and lakes and hills. The city center has a large casino by the ocean shore line, hotels, a university district, shopping centers/malls. There is also a large amphitheater that hosts the international song festival. When I was little I loved going to the beach almost every day, I loved playing on the hills with my friends and in nature. I did not like are the suburbs because that was where some people and criminals did not respect nature and they polluted and threw rubbish on the ground. In big cities everything is close, emergency clinics, hospitals, schools, police station etc......... advantages: its easy make more friends and meet more people there are many shops, you can buy whatever you want. Hotels, parks, museums, etc More job opportunities. there are more schools and universities disadvantages: traffic jams more cars pollution health issues because off stress and maybe pollution because the is not so much fresh air. noisy Advantages of City Living: Greater cultural opportunities (more diverse populations, range of restaurants, languages) Less need for automobile; save $ on gasoline (public transportation is usually better in cities) Closer emergency services than in rural areas More job opportunities Disadvantages of City Living: Noise Pollution Higher crime rates Often more expensive cost of living (particularly with home/apartment) Higher likelihood of legal action against you (sounds weird, I know...but it's true) Lack of sense of "home" (because of its anonymity) Advantages Of Small Town Living You get to know people better. Better
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