Good Samaritan Laws Essay

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GOOD SAMARITAN LAWS The focal point of this paper is based on the various aspects in relation to the existence and implementation of the Good Samaritan Laws. The paper looks into the different propositions related to the topic in perspective of the nursing profession. It is important for a profession nurse to be completely aware of the Good Samaritan Laws for smooth operative measures of the profession. The topic would include a history of the law, rather the reason behind how and why it was conceptualized. Next we would discuss the essential reasons of the relation between the Good Samaritan Laws and its implementation and importance to the nursing profession. Furthermore there would be a detailed discussion on the positive and negative aspects of this law on the nursing profession. Then we would incorporate a couple of research paper findings to enumerate the future of these laws within the parameter of the profession of nursing. The last part would be the conclusion where it would be clearly stated about the overall perspective on the topic or in other words it would be a discussion at a personal opinion parameter about this issue. The term ‘Good Samaritan’ appears in the New Testament part of the Bible. It is included in the chapter of Luke (10:33-35) where the famous parable is referred. (Bible, 2004) In modern term the Good Samaritan Laws are practiced in the United States of America and Canada. In Canada, specifically in Quebec, the Good Samaritan Laws places a restricted practice to the job of aiding. This means anybody and everybody is barred from helping out citizen in peril if there is chance of physical danger to the helping parties unless otherwise that person is authorized and licensed by the law. But at the same time the law specifies the citizen to follow a number of minimum requirements where the top most priority would be to

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