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Case Study: Read the Case in Point: Good Samaritan Home, found in Chapter 7 of your textbook. After reading the case, please respond to the questions below. Be sure to include facts from the textbook as well as other sources to support your conclusions. Provide in-text citations and a reference list. 1. Define civil and criminal law. Could these case facts give rise to a criminal case, a civil case, or both? Explain your answer. a. “A criminal action is considered a wrong against society… A civil Action is considered a wrong between individuals” (Caldwell, Connor, 2012, p. 131). These case facts give rise to both criminal and civil cases. First, the teenagers abused the elderly verbally and physically, which should result in some…show more content…
Negligence is when an employee does not perform his/her duties sufficiently, when he/she does not uphold an appropriate standard of care (Caldwell, Connor, 2012). The four components of negligence are duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages (Caldwell, Connor, 2012). In the Case in Point: Good Samaritan Home, the healthcare professionals agreed to care for and treat the elderly therefore making it their duty. Malfeasance (a category of breach of duty) was applied in this case when the teenagers neglected the elderly with mal-intent, in other words, they knew what they were doing was bad but continued to do it despite the consequences. Causation was applied when the teenagers physically abused the elderly and the patient’s family was able to prove that it was in fact physical abuse at the time the elder attended the Good Samaritan Home and no other explanation would suffice. The fourth and final component of negligence that applied to this case was Damages. “Damages are the actual injuries caused by the defendant (nurses) for which compensation is due” (Caldwell, Connor, 2012, p. 135). The nurses were found guilty of physical and verbal abuse and some of the nurses were sentenced to jail time and perhaps restitution to the

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