Good President Essay

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The qualities a good president must have are often qualities good men need. Such qualities being honorable, trustworthy, and the ability to be a leader to people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, or culture in the United States. These qualities are shown in all presidents, as they should be,because it allows for people to trust and accept their president, if the people like their president and the president enjoys his job then the country will prosper. Having honor is needed because, a president must love his country and have the upmost respect for it, if he does not, then anything could happen, wars, poverty, or another nation wide depression. Trustworthiness is needed, because it shows that you have nothing to worry about in your country, weather it be wars, or nuclear warfare. Leadership is needed because, if a president does not know how to lead, he will allow his country to fall, and will not do anything to help it back up. Presidents that show great qualities of being honorable, trustworthy, and the ability to be a leader are Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, this man fought to cut taxes and rebuild the economy for the American people, reducing taxes, and balancing the federal budget. This, to everyone in America, made him look honorable and trustworthy, because he shows he cares about the people and the country he is leading. To prove that he is a good leader, he had to follow up, balancing the economy. When the economy was balanced he wanted to pay attention to foreign affairs, which at this time was dealing with the soviet union. He was elected for a second term by a landslide, this shows that people liked Reagan as a true leader. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, and second to be impeached in American history. When an American president is impeached it does not mean he is a bad

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