Good Parenting Essay

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Anh Vuong Final Exam April 30, 2013 Word Count: 503 A Good Parenting Parents play a major role in the life of their children. Experiencing the childhood with looking after of my great parents and being desired towards becoming a good parent, I have thought so much about the question ‘what are some qualities of being a good parent?’ A good parent should have all of the following qualities such as a boundless love and caring for his or her family, a good model, and a good method of educating his or her child. First, a good parents should have a boundless love and caring for their family. This means that a parent not only spends his or her time on looking after his or her child, but also for other members in the family. When a father shares house work with his wife, the family will be happier with a lot of smiles. And a child will be in both love of the mother and the father. The scientists from The United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF assumed that a child who lives in a happy family with both love of a father and a mother will be a well-grown child with a healthy mental. In order to be a good parent, a parent should be also a good model for his or her child. Children are always in the habit of imitating the grow-ups, especially from their parents. Each talk, each manner from parents is a new lesson for children. It is clear that the lovely gestures from parents to each other or from parents to children will make children have good behaviors expressing family sentiment. Therefore, a parent should be a good model not only in manner, but they need also in talk to their children. I am definitely in agreement with the statement ‘the better parents are, the better children are’. Last but not least, parents should have a good method of educating their children. He or she should know when to inspire them and when to strict them.

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