Good Parenting Essay

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What it takes to be a good parent? Someone once told me that it takes a village to raise a child. After having four of my own children I have found this statement to be very true. Raising a child is without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs that a person can be responsible for. While there are many components that make up a good parent I believe love, patience, and stability are the most important. Love is a symbol of a bond between a parent and child that forms when the baby is an embryo. It is an emotion that shows true affection for one another. Children are very alert in their young ages and can pick up on signals well. A child can sense when they are loved and also when they are being neglected. Love could possibly determine the path children will take. A child who is praised and comforted can cause them to excel in school because of the support system they have at home. On the other hand, a neglected child’s results may have the opposite affect. It may be harder for them to excel in school if they do not have the positive reinforcement at home. Behavior, too, may have the same effects on a loved versus neglected child. It is important to maintain equality between children no matter the age because kids can pick up on this easier than a parent. Patience is another hey factor in being a good parent. It is not always pleasant when dealing with children, especially through the toddler stage. As a mother of four I have learned that my children respond better when I am calm and relaxed rather than mad and aggressive. Parents, too, must understand that they are the one’s shaping their child’s life. Children imitate what they see other’s do and if patience is not practiced in the household, there is a good possibility that the child will not be patient. I try to talk to my kids’ everyday to build a good relationship.

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