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Good ParentingJasmine Hendrix 2/16/2012 Socl 361 Essay #1 Good Parenting I find myself troubled when trying to explain to someone what a good parent consist of. I think parenting is one of, if not the hardest job an individual can take on. Being a parent doesn’t come with any instructions, a blueprint, or guidelines written out for you. Like any socially constructed concept, there’s a vague and contradicting definition of what one could consider what a good parent is. The definition varies by culture, time, place and gender greatly. Newman and Grauerholz “Sociology of Families” states that a good parent raises a well rounded individual who will become a successful adult. A good parent should provide their children with their earliest forms of attachment, morality and help them become good adults in their particular society. The bear necessities of child rearing would be to provide a safe environment, food and clothes. If these things are provided does that constitute one as a good parent? We live in a world with huge expectations of parents. Based on what society portrays as a good parent, they expect people to make enough money, put their kids in good schools, find good child care services, read and play music with their kids, monitor the kids media intake, as well as making sure they know their extended family and watch everything they do. These expectations are not accessible to several different parents who are in different situations which are why parenting differs across culture and social class. Childhood is really not carefree innocence. Parents train their children to fit into the cultures expectations of how someone of their race, gender, and class would be. This is not something that parents do consciously but subconsciously. In most cases you are a product of your own environment. It would be rare that a poor person raise their kid like a wealthy

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