Good Nutrition and Your Dental Health

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Not only is good nutrition important for your physical health but plays a very important role in your dental health. The food you eat contributes to how your teeth develop. “Tooth development begins shortly after conception, usually between the sixth and eighth month of gestation and continues throughout pregnancy.” (pg. 1 Brown) Although it might take a large lack of nutrition to cause any damage to the tooth structure, a small amount of nutritional loss can make a tooth more susceptible to decay further on in life. “A good diet during pregnancy is always important.” (pg. 1 Brown) On the other hand nutrient extremes “may play a role in congenital anomalies of the mouth.” (pg. 1 Brown) Not only is decent nutrition essential during pregnancy but also during childhood, and youth. “During these growth periods, primary and permanent teeth are being mineralized.” (pg. 1 Brown) Fluoride intake from birth has been proven to lessen tooth decay “by as much as sixty percent.” (pg. 1 Brown) Fluoride contributes to the strength of the teeth and also makes your teeth decay free. A lot of community’s water supply is “fluoridated at the rate of one part per million” (pg. 1 Brown) which is safe and useful at minimizing tooth decay. If you take in more than the recommended amount of fluoride you can develop fluorosis, “a condition in which tooth enamel becomes toughened, mottled and discolored.” (pg. 1 Brown) Prescription fluoride drops are available if you live in an area where the water has a small amount of fluoride or none at all. A good practice to have and that will be a factor to good dental health is “brushing after meals and snacks.” (pg. 1 Brown) This will eliminate “sugars and food particles from the tooth surfaces.” (pg. 1 Brown) Decay starts “when the bacteria that are always present in the mouth break down components of saliva.” (pg. 1 Brown) Dental plaque

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