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During the film Good Night, and Good Luck, George Clooney and Grant Heslov express their concern of fear through acting stylisations, authentic footage imbedded within the film and effective choice of music and lyrics. A secondary idea presented by Clooney and Heslov includes initiating a visual sensation of time and place for the audience, with the use of film noir and effective employment of set design. The era of McCarthyism encompassed fear and concern, the acting and char acterisations in Good Night, and Good Luck effectively conveyed this idea. The expression of the characters, in particular Ed Murrow, during the See It Now sequences, portrays expressions of grim anxiety. The dramatic acting in the film is abundant with prolonged eye contact and intense line delivery, combining the two to illuminate the fear of persecution and job loss. Furthermore, this is evident in the paranoid- filled dialogue in the scenes between Joe and Shirley Wershba as there is “a lot of pressure” upon their interaction, where their facial expressions are highlighted by close-up shots that position the audience to vividly depict their distress. Throughout the film, Clooney and Heslov strive to add truth, in regards to the extent of McCarthyism and how the situation created hysteria and caused agitation for many subjects. The real footage utilised within the film, create an accurate portrayal of McCarthy and those accused of communism. The incorporated footage of McCarthy, conveys the authentic idea that he was powerful, loud and unsympathetic towards those whom of which were accused. This footage is then juxtaposed with the footage of Annie Moss's questioning, which depicts Moss as innocent and an easy target for McCarthy as she is ‘coloured’. Additionally, the environment surrounding the Moss trial can be seen as congested and a prime concern during that

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