Good Night and Good Luck

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Introduction What do you think about main roll of television today? With hilarious and fantastic shows, people might think that television is just an enjoyable entertainment. However, television was more important than just entertainment in past, and there is a movie called ‘Good night and Good Luck’ that is based on Edward R. Murrow, and this movie has a strong message about this topic. “this instrument can teach. It can illuminate and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determinded to use it...... Otherwise, it is merely wiresand lights in a box” (‘Good night and Good Luck’ Movie). As you can see, this quote has strong opinion about television. This movie believes that television is more than just entertainment to us, and the television needs to contain valuable contents that can teach, illuminate and inspire people, and the movie shows Murrow’s television show, “See It Now” during McCarthyism’s era to support the idea. Even though this movie little deifys Murrow as a hero who brings McCarthyism to ruin, the message that movie want to give audience is very clear and strong, and the opinion that present in the movie gives audience chance to re-think about roll of television and journalism today. Summary Before discussing about this movie, I think summary needs to be present in this essay. This movie is based on true story about Edward R. Murrow durring McCarthyism in 1950s. Murrow organized a television show called ‘See It Now’ in CBS with his collegues who are known as “Murrow’s Boys” (This Reporter. Web). Beginning with critique of accusation on Milo Radulovich, Murrow started to revel againt McCarthyism by the show. Of course, there were many contradictions on McCarthyism or McCarthy’s witchcraft, and Murrow pointed out and criticized those contradictions with evidences. Although there were many adversities such as
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