Good Morning Essay

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Good Morning, When it comes for strategies for writing, I try to use the same approach for everything. If it’s a topic that I am not familiar with then I will conduct a brainstorming session by writing down notes or ideas on what I think is the task and purpose and what is the best way to research my topic. Once I am comfortable with the topic then I will begin conducting research on the topic. The Internet is an awesome tool that greatly assists you and if used properly will cut down on your research time. You have to be careful with what you read on the Internet. Unlike what the State Farm commercial states not everything is truthful or even researched. Most Internet articles do not go through the entire editorial process. I make sure that the topic is well researched and can be verified from at least one other independent source. I make sure that my paper is in the proper format. I am always looking at examples of MLA and APA formatting to ensure that my paper is up to the proper formatting standards. I do a lot of pre-writing but I still get writer’s block and when I do I will walk away and do something completely different or even take a nap so that I can get a fresh outlook once I return to my studies and really focus on the topic. I do little editing while I am drafting my paper. I will revise the entire paper once I am completely done with the writing. This allows me to be expressive in my writing and then later tailor the paper to my targeted audience. I will always run my work through the University of Phoenix Center for Writing Excellence Plagiarism Checker to ensure that the work is mine. I am always trying to translate my writings styles to what the target audience is thinking or expecting. I believe less is more when writing. If you can get to the end state in 1 sentence, then don’t lead your readers on for 3 pages just to make a
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