Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay

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O’Connnor In Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” the steady plot, character structure, and symbolism play the most compelling roles as the story progresses. The story begins with an unnamed grandmother who desperately wants her family to take a vacation to Tennessee, and not go to their already planned out trip to Florida. More selfish acts by the grandma pan out throughout the story, and they all go to form a bigger picture. She ends up going on the trip to Florida with her family, and in the car she decides to dress up so that way, in the event of an accident, she would still look like a lady while she’s dead. This thought of hers goes to show that she is not necessarily considerate of others, because while she may look like a lady while she dies, she doesn’t keep in mind that if the car were to get into an accident, the rest of the family would probably die as well. The grandmother also takes her cat on the trip, even though it is mentioned her son would not like to have a cat on the vacation. On the road, the grandmother attempts to steer her grandkids off the direction of her idea of materialism (reading comic books, and not paying attention to the beauty outside). She consistently talks about how times are so much worse than what they were during her youth, and finally convinces the kids to want to go to an old house she recalled. Unfortunately though, on the dirt road she remembers that the house is not where she originally thought it was, and causes the family to drive into a ditch. She decides to keep it to herself that she made a detrimental mistake, and even pretends she is injured for attention, while her daughter in law has a broken shoulder and a gash on her face. Eventually, the well-known murderer, the Misfit, finds the family in the ditch. For her own safety, the grandmother tries to talk him into believing in Jesus, and

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