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What is the good life? As a child you learn how to enjoy the “little things”. You look at your parents and see how they enjoy life, what makes them smile and laugh. Having a house and car of your own, having people you love like family and friends close to you, and having a job you can enjoy for the rest of your life. You start growing up and you realize that everything doesn’t come to you easily. Everything is not given. To have that “good life” you have to work hard to form the life of happiness. How do you get there? As a person you have to be relentless and be strong for You have to face every obstacles in your path and concur it whether its physical or emotional. The ones you that actually do care about you will be there to support you.But you also have to learn how to carry off as your own person.You have to learn from the mistakes you will make to get the results you want. We as humans are imperfect. But that doesn't mean we can't achieve what we want. Why not think of the best dreams possible for yourself. Why can’t we? Strive for your goals.Think the unimaginable. Reach for something and believe that there is no limit to it. As Walt Disney did he created Disney World a place on his viewpoint. something that he always wanted. Something he was determined to get. He made his “dreams come true”. Even though I don’t want to create a theme park I want to be a Pharmacist that’s my biggest dream.I believe going to the USF will get me to that good life. Taking the courses I need. Learning new subjects and ways of thinking. Meeting new people with different cultures and perspectives.Having responsibilities that I have to accomplish on my own as a young adult. UF gets me ready to become the person I want to be. PBA will give me that big step to the perfect house, job,and family. I always wanted. I want to make the effort. I want to make my standards high. There is no

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