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What does Society Consider “Good Hair” And What Does it symbolize? Introduction Good hair? What does it mean ? do you have bad or good hair? What exactly makes it good? In the movie titled “Good Hair” comedian Chris Rock, determines what “good hair” is identified as hair that has similar properties to stereotypical White hair, like hair that is strait, hair that can have a brush or comb run through it without it getting stuck. Through out the documentary there was strong bias opinions. Most of the women in the film were African American expressing how not having so called “good hair” effected how the world saw them. One characteristic I notice was women who wore a more natural hairstyle had a strong sense of racial pride and self awareness. Others who preferred premed (straighten hair) carried them self’s as if they were born with this straightened hair. So why are African American women raised to change their hair from its natural state? This got me thinking is it social acceptance? or going with the flow? Or just afraid of being a outcast in her society? Straight hair is still the North American norm and is often needed to secure employment for African American women. Some women will go as far as to get micros (micro-braids) which, due to their diminutive size give the appearance of long straight hair. The reason why women do this can depend on the generation you ask. According to theorists, hair has always been an important factor in defining one’s identity (Brownmiller 1984; White 2005; Byrd and Tharps 2001; Patton 2006). For African Americans this is doubly true. During the 1800s, hair was an indictor of one’s slave status; today hair is a marker of beauty, economical status, power, and beliefs. Women with straightened hair are still considered the beauty norm in African American society today. Women of power and upper-class

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