Good Country People By Flannery O Connor: How Literature Reflects Communities

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How Literature Reflects Communities Many pieces of literature reflect the types of communities they come from. They can reflect a personal experience from the author, it can the experience from someone close to the author or it can be just a life experienced the author wanted to put across. Either way, most authors draw their inspiration from the communities they come from or places they have been. In the story, “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor, it has some issues that would reflect a small community. In the story Mrs. Freeman has a daughter, Carramae, who is only fifteen and is already married and pregnant (DiYanni, 2007). This type of issue reflects a lot of communities because the teenage pregnancy rate has increased dramatically. This could be a life experience the author wants to put across or it could be the experience of someone close to this author. This type of issue is common in…show more content…
This particular story deals with the life of a troubled woman, Mrs. Mallard. She just received news of the death of her husband, Mr. Mallard, who died in a terrible accident. Mrs. Mallard felt a burden lifted from her shoulders after receiving this information and rejoiced. This was only short lived due to the fact that it wasn’t her husband who died nor was he anywhere near the accident. After this shock, Mrs. Mallard died (DiYanni, 2007). The point I believe the author was trying to put across is that women can be so troubled or mistreated that unfortunate events to their spouse or significant other can bring about relief. Many authors try to be relevant in their writing so that the readers can relate to or understand what the author is trying to relay in their stories. These examples show how relevant most authors are in their writing and how they reflect communities that they come from or communities that they know about.
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