Good Country People Essay

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Halle Teigen "Good Country People" Total word could should be at least 300 words (for all of the questions, not each question). Please type and print or write by hand and bring to class on Monday, September 9. What are Hulga’s flaws? Physically, one of Hulga’s flaws is her one fake leg. She is a bit stubborn because of her leg, never wanting to take the walk’s with her mother. She liked to be ‘ugly’ for the soul purpose of annoying her mother. Hulga did this in the way she changed her name and the way she walked. Hulga is also very negative. She recieved her Ph. D. in philosophy, but because of her weak heart, she was unable to do anything about it. She was bitter of her heart because she couldn’t leave “these red hills and good country people. She would be in a university lecturing to people who knew what she was taking about (184).” Hulga is also very shy and quiet, she doesn’t really express herself unless it is with the stomping of her wooden leg. What does Hulga claim to believe in? (Point out a line of evidence from the text to support this idea.) Hulga claims that she believes in nothing. “You just said awhile ago you didn’t believe in nothing (204).” She also claims that she ““doesn’t have illusions. [love] I’m one of those people who see through to nothing.”....”We are all damned,” she said, “but some of us have taken off our blindfolds and see that there’s nothing to see. It’s kind of a salvation (200).”” Hulga is an atheist and doesn’t believe in God, yet in some way she believes tha everyone is damned but the people who can see that everyone is damned and who have excepted, like she, that that in some was is ‘salvation’. Why do you think Hulga decides to seduce Manly? Manley portrays himself as this super sweet, nice, talkative, “good country people.” He is a good Christian who wants to sell bibles and spread the word of God. Then,

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