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Maintaining the reader’s attention can be strengthen when an author uses detailed characterization within their story. Susan Glaspell did an excellent job at doing this within her story, “A Jury of Her Peers.” Characterization is the process of telling the reader information about the characters in a direct or indirect form. Characterization within this story becomes clearer as the story progresses. One of the characters is introduced as the story begins with Mrs. Hale. With her thoughts and movements throughout the story, you begin to focus your attention as her as the main character. However, the central character of this story is not directly presented in the beginning, and therefore, the reader is not able to fully understand her until the end of the story. Only through the thought patterns and judgments of the other characters is Minnie Wright, also known as Minnie Foster, is brought to the forefront. Minnie Wright, the wife of John Wright, is accused of killing her husband in the story. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Peters and the county attorney are all in her home to collect whatever evidence is available to bring Mr. Wright’s murderer to justice. To their judgment, the only person who could be liable is Minnie Foster. As they search her home for clues, you begin to understand piece by piece what may have occurred the night Mr. Wright was murdered through the thoughts and discernment of the women in this story. Although the men were the ones who were actually doing the searching of the house for evidence against Minnie Foster, it was the women who were able to put the pieces of the puzzle together as they found things out of the ordinary in Minnie Foster’s home. Each woman in the story, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Peters and Minnie Foster, are described in a manner that correlates with the plot of the story. Mrs. Hale, for example, is described

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