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GOOD BYE. Sequence Treatment by: Patricia Maurice Charlotte M. Perido BACMS-2B 1. CREDIT SEQUENCE MONTAGE. While hearing the song Barkada by Parokya ni Edgar, we can see four boys on the way driving to their school for their high school graduation. The boys were so alive. While Lance Madrigal, quietly sitting on the passenger’s seat, reminiscing the moments their barkada had since day one. Lance friends were teasing him because since elementary until fourth year high school, he didn’t had a chance to have a girlfriend. Lance was just laughing on the front seat. This first sequence ends seeing the boys actively singing their barkada song. The song also happens to be the graduation song of their batch. 2. EXT. SCHOOL’S PARKING LOT. DAY. While the Barkada song is softly fading away. The boys came out the car, wearing their toga and their shades. They were walking in the middle of the crowd being ready for the graduation. People were looking at them because they are popular. You can hear some girls shouting out their names with a shivering voice. 3. INT. SCHOOL’S GYMNASIUM. DAY. A picture taking effect of the scene. During the rites. Names of the graduates are being mentioned by their advisers. It became a practice for graduating students to throw their graduation cap in the air. After throwing their caps, going back to the four boys. They sat again on their chairs, planning for their graduation ball. Again, Lance friends teased him again because he is the only guy on their group who is not having a girl date for their ball. The conversation come to an end. 4. INT. LANCE’S HOUSE. HAPON. Lance and his cousin Jeff are preparing themselves for the ball. Lance is wearing a branded Americana suit, with a pink long sleeves inside, and a black shoes. Some girls are calling Lance’s house, asking him to date them. He

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