Good Boss vs. Bad Boss Essay

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Good Boss vs. Bad Boss | Corine UlloaC OM/170 | Abstract A 100 to 175-word summary of your term paper. The Abstract begins a new page. The title page is in its own section and is not counted in the total number of pages appearing in the footer. Introduction In today’s economy employment is difficult. For most we put up with a bad boss or a good boss. The difference between the two types , There are many aspects of becoming a boss but, it is the way you present yourself, that determines of you are a good boss or a bad boss. When you think of a boss, how would you define them as a good boss or a bad boss? Method Describe the study in enough detail to permit another investigator to replicate it. The Method section is often divided into three subsections: Subjects, Apparatus or Research Instruments/Tools (if necessary), and Procedures. The Method section continues on the same page after the end of the Introduction. Subjects This sub-section is optional. Apparatus (or Research Instruments/Tools) This sub-section is optional. Procedures This sub-section is optional. Results Summarize the data and the statistical treatment of them. Graphs and tables should be included if they make the results more intelligible. The Results section continues on the same page after the end of the Method section. Discussion Evaluation and implications of the research, including how the results support or do not support the argument; comparison of results with previous research; and problems with the research. The Discussion section continues on the same page after the end of the Results section. Appendices Includes supplementary material not appropriate in the body of the report The Appendices section begins a new page. References In the research report, all references to previous research or ideas will

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