Good Boss Versus Bad Boss

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The characteristics of a good boss versus a bad boss There are many characteristics of a good boss versus a bad boss like communication, respect, and mentoring. The more the boss communicates with workers, the better informed and the more effective they would be. Employees are the backbone of any business a bad employee can negatively impact a business. Communication is the key in a boss and employee relationship. Good bosses enlighten, train, and attend to their employees. The perception of a good boss or a bad boss bad depends upon the outlook of the employee being supervised. Employment can be difficult in today's economy for some, which means putting up with a bad boss or a good boss. We live in a society that suggestion a diverse and far-reaching range of job opportunities. A boss is someone who administers the work activities of others. The observation of whether a boss is considered good or bad depends on the position of the employee being administered. Some bosses are relaxed to work with and will do their best to create an enjoyable working environment for everyone. Great listener, encourager, humble, takes responsibility, and open for the contribution of employees are the most essential qualities you need to be a good boss. Good bosses hire employees who are competent and trustworthy enough to get the job done. Also, a good boss provides always offer good work direction, has a hands-off approach, and is available when needed. A good boss is as much as team player as a leader. Good bosses always understand and encourage employees. A good boss endorses on excellence and skill. As a result, employees are cheerier, more at comfort, and likely to be more creative. Bad bosses are individuals who intimidate, blame, and mistrusts people. A bad boss confuses the work of employees, criticizes their work, and watches employees like hawks. It’s natural to feel

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