Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

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Good artists copy, great artists steal

“Great artists copy, great artists steal” - It might be hard to believe but the first person who said that sentence was the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Why did such an original artist claim it is true? I will try to explain it in my way of thinking.
First of all, in my opinion Picasso does not mean that stealing the whole piece of art is good. In my opinion he means that you can copy an inspiration or idea, not every single part of art. I agree with him, I think that copying in some cases is the best solution. Why should you be original when for example you are creating the structure of you company? I think not copying in this case is naturally stupid. There are some forms of the structure and it is known these structures are the best. Creating new original forms would be unreasonable, because these work great.
On the other hand when we copy a structure we can copy the whole part of it, but we can’t copy for example a whole website. And there we come to the second level of copying. A website is a splendid example that we can copy just a part of a piece of art. Copy of the whole website would be a steal. There are a lot of beautiful and at the same time simple and clear for customers websites. Instead of wasting time on finding something very original and innovative, we can copy only the framework of the page). Different colors, different photos, and finally different image of website but the same framework).
Moreover, in my opinion copying is not always stealing, because we can copy an idea, transform it and develop in another way, improve it. Steve Jobs the C.E.O of Apple said the same sentence as Picasso, the key-sentence of my essay. Apple almost always copies the ideas but they transform and improve them in their own way, they are creative but at the same time they copy to get inspired.
To sum up, Apple is not the

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