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Driving safely in tunnels 124 Drugs, medicine and driving 75 Sharing the road safely 125 Seatbelts 77 Railway level crossings 145 Speed limits 79 Parking 146 Road signs 84 Penalties 152 Road markings 91 Legal responsibilities 155 Traffic controls at intersections 98 Crash responsibilities 158 Test yourself questions Rules and responsibilities Alcohol 71 164 Give Way rules 100 Turning 112 Resources 166 Freeways 122 Rules and Responsibilities 69 Rules and responsibilities There is more to driving than just knowing the road rules. However, knowing the basic road rules is essential. Important In the diagrams shown in this section, the vehicles are coloured green and red. In all cases, the red vehicle B must give way to the green vehicle A. The rules listed here are only a summary of the road rules motorists must know. For more information visit You can also purchase a copy of Road Safety Road Rules 2009, or view the relevant Acts and Regulations online (see Resources to help you on pages 166-167). 70 Learner and probationary drivers must not drive with any alcohol in their blood. Zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) also applies to all restricted motorcycle licence holders, drivers of taxis, buses and other large vehicles, professional driving instructors and some full licence holders who have previously had a drink driving conviction. All other full licence holders (including supervising drivers) must have a BAC of less than .05. In nearly 30% of Victorian driver fatalities, the driver had a BAC of .05 or more. Rules and responsibilities Alcohol Definition Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is a measure of the amount of alcohol you have in your blood. It is measured by the number of grams

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