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Three Gorges Dam Location The Three Gorges Dam is located in Hubei Province, China. This is also the world’s largest dam. When was it built? The construction started on December 14, 1994. The dam was originally suggested by Su Yat Sen from the international development of China in 1919. In 1944, the United States became involved in this idea when the Bureau of Reclamation engineer J.L Savage surveyed the area and drew up a dam proposal or suggestions for a plan. Over fifty four Chinese engineers were sent to the U.S. for training. Some designing work was done. The government halted or stopped the work in 1947 because of the Chinese civil war. The dam was expected to be fully operational in 2009, but because of additional projects such as the underground power plant with six added generators, and also because of the complication of the ship lift. The dam is not expected to become fully operational until 2011. What is it’s main purpose? The dams main purpose is to improve flood control and navigation on the river. The dam will increase electric power production in China by twenty percent in Central China where is it really needed. The dam will give the same amount of electricity as twenty nuclear power plants! Finally, the dam will boost the amount of tourist, people fishing, and recreational activities in the area. How big is it? The Three Gorges Dam is the longest dam in the world. Its 1,000 square kilometers {386 square miles}. The Three Gorges Dam is divided into five sections. Those are the exhibition hall of The Three Gorges project, Tanzi ridge, 185 platform, memorial garden and dam viewing point. Conclusion There was so many interesting facts I learned about the three gorges dam! There is one fact that amazed me. The fact is how big is it. Its 1,00 square kilometers that’s huge! Also why it was built. I thought the dam

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