Gone With The Wind And The Prince Essay

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“The end justifies the means,” This is the quote from The Prince, which Scarlett O’Hara would have taken to her bosom. Scarlett is the main character in Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind, a book based on the old south. Scarlett had three husbands, none of which she married for love. Each husband was selected out of Scarlett’s strong sense of survival for herself, as well as for her family, and her family’s plantation. Husband number one was selected to make her true love jealous; the second was her sister’s fiancé, who she had no problems taking for his money. This betrayal was a calculated effort on her part, since she knew her sister would never use the man’s money to help the family. Scarlett had a strong sense of loyalty to the plantation, and her family was close to losing the plantation for back taxes, the third was also for financial stability with a bit of lust thrown in for good measure. Scarlett uses the model for The Prince as she builds her own store and lumber business and becomes financially successful in her own right. She is willing to hire Carpetbaggers and freed slaves to get the cheapest labor for her business. The old southern society (that she has always been a part of) is disapproving of any associations with these groups of people. Scarlett, like Machiavelli believed that “Extreme situations call for extreme measures.” While the people around her lamented the “Old South” and watched their homes go on the auction blocks, she chose to fight for her plantation in any way that she saw fit. She took on the head of the household role in a time that was not accepting of women except as window dressing. Scarlett’s motivations are “derived from the power of the love of her subjects,” as Machiavelli suggests. In her case this translates into her immediate family, the slaves that have remained, and her former sister-in-law, her and

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