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AP “Book Report” 1. Title of the work: Gone with the Wind 2. Author and date written: Margaret Mitchell and written during the Civil War Era. 3. Country of Author: Georgia 4. Characters: * Scarlett O’Hara - She is a pretty southern belle who grew up on a Georgia plantation of Tara right before the beginning of the Civil War. She is selfish and futile just like her dad, but also seeks to please her mom, Ellen. * Flirtatious and headstrong protagonist in the novel. * Rhett Butler- Scarlett’s third husband who is handsome, yet dangerous. He was expelled from West Point and also disowned by his Charleston family. He became a blockade-runner during the Civil War, becoming the only rich southerner left in Atlanta. Rhett eventually proved himself to be a loving father and husband at times. Rhett’s pride enables him to express his true love for Scarlett, which leads to Rhett’s brutality later on. * Rhett is an opportunist and scandalous. * Ashley Wilkes- Handsome and a very trustworthy heir to the Twelve Oaks plantation near Tara. During a majority of the novel, Ashley bewitches Scarlett multiple times. * Ashley represents the values of the Old South and its incapability to change their ways after the Civil War concluded. * Melanie Hamilton Wilkes- Wife of Ashley Wilkes. Melanie provokes a majority of Scarlett’s envious hatred during the novel. After the two women agonized through the Civil war together, a strong tie was eventually formed between them. Scarlett eventually realizes that Melanie’s concealed love was used as a foundation of strength for her. * Melanie represents the Old South along with Ashley Wilkes. * Gerald O’Hara- Scarlett’s dad. A loyal Confederate that immigrated from Ireland when he was a young boy. * Scarlett inherits his love for the South and Tara, his plantation. * Ellen O’Hara-

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