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Gone with the Wind Hum 150 – Introduction to Film Studies Gone with the Wind One of the best movies of all-time Gone with the wind (1939) is an epic movie directed by Victor Fleming was nominated for an incredible 13 Academy Awards and won eight (Internet Movie Database, n.d.). The movie, contains enormous quantity of contrast can be found between scenes, characters, lighting, the way color is presented, the placement of cameras, and the angles of shots actuality taken. Misc-en-Scene from the movie, the color images are strong contrast theme throughout the movie; the settings color, the furniture’s shadow, and the costumes. The movie has several shades of grays with hints of green, blue, brown, which that gave the viewers the impression of despondency. The vibrant pictures of the outdoors as a woman bellows out the window fashioned an emotion that something has or about to occur inside that the outside community has no knowledge. The military uniforms worn by military personnel were consistent with what you would have seen in the Civil War. Other costumes include the suits and elaborate dresses worn by southern plantation owners of the time. In addition, the worn out clothing the slave men wore was what you might have expected to see on those who worked outdoors. Scarlett’s makeup had rosy cheeks, bright red lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. Melanie’s makeup is soft and natural at times makeup was used to make her look weak and fragile to enhance her sickness. The editing team lead by Hal Kern won an Oscar for best film editing (Internet Movie Database, n.d.). Do to infancy of editing at the time, Gone with the Wind was made; editing was manly accomplished by hand. Transitions from important scenes to another the editors used an abundance of time skips.

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