Gone With The Wind

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GONE WITH THE WIND The story “Gone with the Wind” by Margarett Mitchell depicts the reality during the American Civil War. It demonstrates the struggle of different characters during this tragic battle. The characters are also trying to survive this morose period of time. The three most fascinating characters are Scarlett O’ Hara, Melanie Wikes, and Rhett Butler, because they have essential parts in the story that enhances the plot. Scarlett O’ Hara is beautiful, but spoiled, high-tempered woman. For instance, Scarlett quotes “I want them to be pea green with envy!” She always wants people to be jealous of her. Sometimes she does not care what other people care of her. In addition, Scarlett always flirts with the guys. Scarlett can be unfaithful, just how she was to her husbands in the story. Scarlett always wants to catch the guys’ attention. Therefore, Scarlett has beauty outside of her, but on the inside, she can be rude at times. On the other hand, Melanie is the most kind and the most forgiving person. To illustrate, Melanie quotes “Oh, I hate to be such a bother.” Melanie does not like to bother or be disrespectful to other people. Melanie treats other people the way that she would want to be treated. Furthermore, in the story Melanie volunteers to work in the hospital. Melanie cares for other people and she cares for their health. Melanie would want people to get enough treatment as possible in the hospital. As one can see, Melanie is a very caring person, and she has a caring heart for other people. Rhett Butler is an honorable person, but he can be weak and selfish at times. For example, when Scarlett told Rhett that she was pregnant, he quoted “…cheer up. Maybe you’ll have an accident.” Rhett does not care about her accident or her pregnancy. Rhett can be rude and at times. Moreover, when Rhett was packing to leave Scarlett, he said that it was too

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