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Sarah Shetland History 112 Mr.Burger Gone with the Wind; An Analytical View on Gone withe the Wind The book', Gone with the Wind's main character Scarlet O'Hara is a woman who was born to a wealthy family of all girls in the south during to start of the Civil War . Scarlet is rebelling against what was considered proper in the south for a young girl. This book explains the themes of woman's rights, slavery and democracy. By exploring these themes that lie behind the book's veneer, we can see how Mitchell had an objective when she wrote this book. That is, she hoped to achieve an idea that women had rights and and that women needed to be heard. By unveiling the themes that are present in the book, we can see what Mitchell stood for and why she wrote this novel in the period she lived in. In the beginning chapters of Gone with the Wind, Scarlet O'Hara is described as a not very pretty but very “flirty” woman something that young men were drawn to , she was also described as a young, silly girl who was not concerned with the cares of the world or that the Civil War is about to start. Margaret Mitchell published Gone with the Wind in 1936 around the time that woman's rights were beginning to start. This was important because in the book, Scarlet fights to change how women are seen in both the south in the book and also in real life. Margaret Mitchell grew up in Atlanta, and disliked the Southerner way of life and it is seen in how she writes the novel, “Gone with the Wind.” In the next couple of Chapters, Scarlet ends up getting married and having a child and also ends up becoming a widower all in about two months time. In the book, since Scarlet is now a widower, she now has to wear black for at least seven years, Scarlet hates this rule and often rebels against this idea that her family is trying to push upon her and her own way of life. This effort of

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