Golf Tournament Formats Essay

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Golf is a unique sport, which you can play as an individual or on a team. There are various formats in golf that can be played. Team Play, Stroke Play and Match Play are the three most popular formats for tournaments. Each one of these formats has traits, making them unique, yet they are all played with the same clubs and the same idea, to get the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes. One popular format for tournaments is the Team Play. There are many different types of tournaments for team golf. Scramble, alternate shot, and best ball are just a few of the formats that are played during a team event. Scramble format is where everyone in the group hits from the same location, choosing the best shot out of the four shots for their next shot. This continues until the hole is played out. To win this type of tournament your team’s score has to be lowest adjacent to par against the rest of the field. Alternate shot is a two-person format where one player tees off, then his teammate will hit from the ball comes to rest. Alternating shots will continue until the team has finished the hole. In this format, the team will decide which player tees off on the odd numbered holes and which player tees off from the even numbered holes. Best ball format is another two-man team event where you and your teammate both play your own ball through out the hole, taking the best score between the two of you at the finish of each hole. This match is against another team and decided by which team has won the most holes at the end of the match or who has the lowest score against par. The most commonly found format for golf tournaments would be the Stroke Play format, consisting of a field of players, who play more against the golf course and the score of even par, than they are competing against one another. In this format you are more concerned with how

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