Golf Instruction Essay

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How to: Hit a Golf Ball Introduction Hitting a golf balls is a relatively tough task. Without the right hand-eye coordination, the ball will not fly the direction the player intends for it to go. Before hitting the golf ball some safety measures need to be taken When the steps involving hitting a golf ball are done correctly, the ball should have a slowly rising and straight path towards the intended target. The procedure itself does not take long, maybe a second or two, but the practice involved in perfecting this procedure will take a summer of golfing three to four times a week or going to the driving range two to three times a week. This will benefit the player because when the ball goes straight, it lowers the scores the player will earn, ultimately making the game more fun. List of Equipment The sport of golf is an expensive sport, there are many pieces of equipment to ensure safety but more important the performance of the game. The various items needed to play the game are as follows: Golf clubs, the most expensive depending on the brand and the quality that is preferred. (Figure 1-1) A golf bag can come in two different styles, a standing bag and a cart bag. The standing bags have stands, that when set down, will project out and hold the bag at about a 45 degree angle to keep the clubs from laying on the ground. Standing bags are very light, have smaller pockets, and feature backpack straps, so it looks and feels exactly like wearing a backpack. (Figure 2) A cart bag, is used on golf carts and are normally heavier in weight, have more club space, and have more pockets or compartments because the player is not carrying the bag around the whole golf course. (Figure 1-2) Golf tees to keep the ball off the ground, and ball markers for marking where the ball is on the green, are needed and should be kept in the bag. (Figure 1-3) A

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