Golf Cart Essay

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What a perfect day it was going to be; my best friend Jimmie Veitch and I had just agreed to both, not do our homework, for it was way too time consuming (and boring) and go for a round of golf. We sprinted to the car, a black and silver Eclipse Spyder, and sped off without looking back. We were turning onto the highway when the car jerked into the other direction, slamming my face into the window. As this searing pain stretched along my face, I glared at Jimmie with my one good eye. “Dude, we forgot the clubs,” was his response. I could not help but laugh; nothing, not even immense pain, was going to ruin my day. As we were making our way back, I was just starting to relax when the car jerked back and forth again. I, now annoyed, grabbed the wheel and pulled us over. “Damn Jimmie, I just want to go golfing, stop playing around!” I yelled. Now it was his turn to laugh, and laugh he did. “I am not playing around man, turn around he sputtered between his gasps for air. I did, not expecting anything, and saw this scrawny black dog staring in our direction. Just a fleeting look at the dog made my heart ache; here I was jovial as can be, when there is this dog who apparently in dying right in front of me. Without thinking, I marched out of the car and herded this dog out of the road. As is faded away, so did my memory of the incident. I lumbered into the car and told Jimmie to just leave; I wasn’t going to let this ruin my day. On the way there, I felt as though nothing would change the way I felt: it was as though the sun was warming the world around me personally, highlighting the colors of land. But, as I was having this life altering moment, my eyes came across a man; a poor, old, sad, sad unfortunate man. It now appeared as if the world consisted of me, the man and no one else. It felt as though time too ceased to be present. I, who felt the world could not be

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