Golf and Education Essay

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Golf and Education are both significant and essential to underrepresented and disadvantaged students, such as me, who aspire to continue with the learning process with a higher education and degree. Sometimes, a lot of individuals cannot pursue their aspirations that come with more knowledge through a college education, because of a lack of finances; however, I choose to apply and appeal to the committee of the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association to be seriously considered and selected as a final recipient of the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association mission, in order to share the mission and vision, while experiencing the college world and gaining more knowledge. My educational background and experiences, spiritual beliefs, and personal experiences have enriched my understanding of other people and broaden my outlook of the world. The social opportunities and challenges experienced within my school-setting have caused me to be a strong-willed and highly productive person. So, I excitingly invite the possibilities that could come from being a recipient of the Bill Dickey Scholarship. My knowing that I will be playing golf, which is considered to be a fun-filled and skilled-based sport that offers increased social life, motivates me to totally embrace the diverse university family, while maintaining my coursework. Although the sport of golf seems to be dominated by males, I will be able to connect with the males and other females who have similar interests within the field. Furthermore, the opportunity offers an increased chance of gaining an equal footing with men. I embrace another opportunity to be a team-player, respect authority, practice, and abide by any related instructions, and rules. Furthermore, it is important to me to build relationships with others, and inspire a lot of people; especially, youngsters to play golf, because I think they are the key to

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