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Description of the company The Golf La Tempête is a golf course that offers memberships that come with some advantages. When a player has a membership at La Tempête, a golf service is offered, that includes advantages such as the right to invite people to play and the use of golf cart. The head office is currently in Breakeyville where the golf course is, and according to the Golf La Tempête’s website, the golf course is located approximately ten minutes from Pierre-Laporte bridge. In October 2002, the vision of the project for the golf course was launched. André Raymond mentioned in his interview that “It only starts by a dream, a vision.” In January 2003, André Raymond, Serge Dussault and Jean-François Fillion, the three main shareholders, got started on the project. The construction work which started in 2003, finished in 2005. In August 23rd 2005, there was the big opening of the golf course La Tempête. The business has not changed significantly since its beginning, it has the same administration council and the business plan had been followed since the very beginning. For André Raymond and the other shareholders, stability is an important concept for a company. The business has won many award since it opened. According to the Golf La Tempête’s website, they won ‘’Boutique de l’année’’ in 2008 for their golf boutique in the clubhouse. They also won a ‘’Méritas’’ from the city of Lévis in 2010. One of the main shareholders, André Raymond won the ‘’Professionnel en Titre’’ award in 2009, and the ‘’Professionnel Gestionnaire au Québec’’ in 2010. One of their golf teachers; Frédéric Teberge won the ‘’Enseignant de l’année’’ award in 2010. The golf course has also been classified as the only five star golf course in Québec by the CITQ (Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec). André Raymond mentioned in his interview that the business has a written mission

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