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Welcome to golf, one of the most popular and widely played games in the world. Although golf has been around and played for centuries, only recently has it started to become popular in all parts of the world. One of the greatest advantages to the sport is that it appeals to all ages, skill levels, and both men and women. This chapter includes almost everything you need to learn the game. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, the combination of this introduction to all aspects of the game and your experiences on the course will help you learn the necessary skills, strategies, and rules of the game. These newly acquired skills will allow you to enjoy this calm, strategic, and unpredictable game. You will quickly begin to enjoy the social, recreational, psychological, and health-related benefits of the game of golf. Golf is not necessarily a game of power, but it is a game of finesse, control, and patience. Golf has become a popular form of exercise for people of all ages because it is enjoyable and fun, and participants often forget that they are actually exercising by playing the sport. If you use the materials in this text and follow your instructor’s guidance, you will be a better player at the end of this course. Whether you play often or rarely, alone or with friends, this game can be played at any level to meet your individual needs and abilities for physical activity and enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life. MODULE 1: HISTORY AND INTRODUCTION TO GOLF THE HISTORY OF GOLF The origin of a game that includes hitting a ball or stone with some form of stick goes as far back as the origin of simple playing. However, golf as we know it and play it today originated in the early 14th century in Scotland. The game became so popular so quickly that playing the game in Scotland was punishable by hanging because it was taking people away from

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