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Golf Essay

  • Submitted by: jesstaylor
  • on December 3, 2013
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Even though Plato was not speaking of golf when he said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,” that statement definitely applies to playing a round of golf with someone. I began playing golf at the age of nine, even briefly playing professionally in my early twenties. Both in my golf and business careers, I have played hundreds of rounds of golf with thousands of different golfers in countries around the globe. During these many years, I have learned a lot about people just by observing their body language and behavior. While golf is typically pursued as a leisure-time activity, I, and countless others, have also used a friendly round of golf as a way to take the measure of our fellow golfers. Playing golf exposes all kinds of personality and character traits, and one’s behavior on the course is a useful predictor for one’s behavior in life.
An average golf swing lasts approximately one and a half seconds. The average golfer completes a round in 100 strokes, which means only about two and a half minutes, of the typical four-and-a-half-hour golf game, is actually spent “playing golf.”   While observing your golfing partners during the remaining hours, you have time to ask yourself numerous questions about each individual’s behavioral and emotional characteristics. Is she calm off the first tee? Does he fly off the handle when he misses a short putt? Does he make excuses for a poor shot? Is she generous to her caddy? Does he appreciate the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of camaraderie? Does he cheat? Answering such questions about a person can reveal such traits as professionalism, humor, adaptability, and countless others.
In my experience, people react in interesting ways to the pressures of playing golf. I’ll never forget being invited to play golf with my friend Tony and his father, Bill, almost twenty years ago. While we waited to hit our shots into the 12th green, a golfer in the group behind us hit a tee...

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