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Golf Psychology I have been playing sports my whole life. Up to date I have played twelve years of competitive baseball, nine years of competitive football and eight years of competitive basketball. Ever since I could walk I have been involved in sports. I have come to learn that all sports are mental. Now we have all herd the saying that sports are twenty percent physical and eighty percent mental and I stand by those words. But out of all the sports I have played in my life by far the most difficult on a mental aspect is golf. Now I started playing golf my freshman year of high school. At first I took it as a joke, my friend got me in to it and at the time he was really good and I wasn’t. he would take me out to the course a couple times a week I would usually shoot in the high 115’s/120’s witch is about as worse as a human being can do. But there was always something that kept bringing me back every week. The funny thing about golf is that a person could go out and hack it up all day and shoot like crap. But for all those bad shots that we hit one amazing shot makes up for them all. We get this feeling in our body, when that little white ball sticks the green in two and there is a birdie put up there waiting to fall into the cup. There is this certain mental aspect of the game that just makes people wanting more. I have scored touchdowns, I have hit homeruns I even own the record at my old high school for most 30 point games in a basketball season. Nothing ever felt better to me than going out and shooting a good round of golf. Now I no a lot of people say golf is not a sport that it is just a game. That may be true but I want to see those people go out and try to hit that little white ball consistently every time. When I say consistently I mean hitting every green in regulation. Trust me it is a lot harder than it appears to be. I am a

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